#NoMoreMatildas: the campaign to make women in science visible

The Spanish agency Getting Better, is among the winners in WINA Festival 2021, with the successful #NoMoreMatildas campaign, seeking to cease the idea that science is a man’s thing.

“In Spain, girls grow up thinking that science is a man’s thing. This is proved by the largest study on the presence of women in educational material, which reveals that the average female representation barely reaches 7.6% in all subjects of the Spanish Compulsory Secondary education curriculum”.

With those results, they started a movement creating illustrated books, that depicted the complicated life that some of the most important scientists in history would have had, if they had been women, making that even the President of the Government of Spain take a stand in favor on the campaign.

Category: Pr

Subcategory: Official or Public Affairs

Title: #NoMoreMatildas

Brand: AMIT

CCO/ECD/Creative Director:  Noel Lang Agulló

Copywriter & Art Director: Rodrigo García Llorca and Fernando Beresaluze

Account Manager: Lucía de la Vega

Other Creatives: Pablo Mayoral

Agency: Getting Better Creative Studio

Country: Spain