We are the first global festival dedicated to creativity, exclusively rewarding messages that seek to awaken a social, civic or environmental consciousness so as to make the world a better place. In order to achieve this goal, we have secured the support of a top-tier academic team, made up of judges from the leading creative agencies from 5 continents as well as top-tier NGO directives.

:Key Dates

Agency Registration and Open Entries
From May 18
Final entry deadline
October 3
October 5 – 9
Notification to Winners
October 11 – 12
Winners rights payment
Until October 18
November 2

:Who Can Participate?

Multinational holding companies, independent agencies or mixed agencies from 5 continents may all participate. Entries produced in-house by governmental and non-governmental entities, will also be considered.

PR Agencies, Producers of commercials and content, Announcers, In house, Media Agencies, Creative Studios, Design Studios, Music Producers, Multimedia Studios, Active and Development Agencies, Logistic Operators for BTL, Creative Boutiques, Image Consultants, BTL Agencies, Interactive Agencies, Direct Marketing and Development Agencies, Post-producers, Department of State Communications, Animation Studios, Image and Sound Producers, Pharma and Healthcare Agencies, Content Producers, Communication Agencies, Communication Consultants and Internal Institutional Relations, among others.


Freelancers or brands that are not legally established will not be considered.


Official Regulation Luum Awards 2023

:What is Luum?

This is our opportunity to prove that we are agents of change and that we are much more than just great ideas for companies and advertisers.

Lu´um means “world” or “fertile land” in the Mayan language. This beautiful millennial culture, full of respect and love for the land and its communities, was one of our sources of inspiration for the festival’s image; because, like the Mayans, we also seek fertile ground, to sow positive seeds on a planet that desperately needs them.

Agency Registration and Open Entries: May 18
Final entry deadline: October 3
LuumTalks: November 2