Luum is reinventing itself, to commemorate the best of issue-driven creativity, from Switzerland

Starting this year, the Luum award ceremony at the Hilton in Geneva (Switzerland), will be transformed into an experience, in which the winners will give back to society through content. More than just a purely social award ceremony, it will be a productive space, in which the winners will participate as spokespersons in an international forum and will be interviewed one by one in their native languages.

The highly-relevant content generated will be multiplied by communities, advertisers, brands, academia, and the media. Through this initiative, the Luum festival seeks to inspire the marketing community to make more responsible communication in a world in need of positivity. This initiative will transform the applause from a live audience at a traditional event, multiplying positive messages through various channels for a society in need of good examples.

Another important update is that the top three (3) ranked agencies from the previous edition will be invited to meet with judges to vote on the gold medal winning cases, to decide whether they deserve the Grand Prix or Titanium awards.

The event will wrap up with a dinner, in honor of the winners of Luum Awards 2023, where judges, the press, NGOs, and advertisers invited by the Luum Awards organization will be invited to attend.

It is worth reiterating that only creative actions promoting social, health and environmental causes should be registered for participation in the Luum Awards. Additionally, agencies can upload up to five (5) cases free of registration costs, i.e., only winners pay the award rights for trophies received.

To register agencies, upload cases, or to check-out the categories, top-rate judges and

the winners from the previous edition, visit:

Important Dates

Agency registration and open entries: Now

Final entry deadline: October 3

Judging: October 5 – 9

Winners meeting: November 2