Luum Awards supports WWF’s Amazon initiative

Four (4) professionals from the Luum Awards’ communications and marketing team will travel to San José del Guaviare in mid-September to join the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for a series of workshops that it will be offering to the Guainía Amazonian community, which community resides in a strategic corridor for jaguar conservation.

Within the framework of this training event, which will take place between September 20th and September 21st, the Luum team will be responsible for providing digital marketing and advertising workshops to entrepreneurs in the community.

These advertising and digital strategy workshops are intended to empower small entrepreneurs in the Guainía community, many of whom have exchanged arms or deforestation practices for environmentally-sustainable businesses that boost economic activity in the region. The WWF wants to encourage the Guainía community to become protectors of the rainforest.

It should be noted that Luum will reinvest what it planned to spend on printed material for the 2023 edition, on travel and logistics for more training events such as this one. In addition, the gala dinner in Geneva will be reduced to just a few guests, in order to invest in more activities similar to this one in the Amazon.